Alabaster Dangermond and the Serpent’s Blade (Dangermond Series Book 1)

by Jason VanHorn

Copyright 2018 Jason VanHorn

With classes in weapons, martial arts, and secret codes, fourteen-year-old Alabaster Dangermond has spent the last five years training at a clandestine CIA prep school toward his ultimate goal–to become a real CIA secret agent.

Before his next training mission and the all-important Agent Trials, he receives a mysterious email with a video showing the murder of his parents. Thinking they died in a car crash when he was seven, Al is consumed by questions.

Will Alabaster Dangermond pass the Agent Trials and find the answers he seeks surrounding the mystery of his parents’ tragic death years ago? Join Al and his friends as he unknowingly steps deeper into a web of deception to find everything he once thought true of his life turned upside down.

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Alabaster Dangermond and Astrid’s Jewel (Dangermond Series Book 2)

by Jason VanHorn

Fourteen-year-old Alabaster Dangermond, U.S.A. agent, has uncovered the nefarious agenda of Dr. Zerick Moonshae, who seeks to collect ancient artifacts sent around the world by a long dead Viking king.

After discovering new information about one of the lost ancient artifacts, Astrid’s Jewel, Alabaster and his partner, Turnkey Keystone, travel to London to acquire it. It isn’t long before they face off with Moonshae’s personal thief, Katya, who has been sent to get the jewel.

But Al and Katya are taken by surprise when another group vies for Astrid’s Jewel. Captured, Alabaster and Katya must work together to escape with the precious treasure. Will the U.S.A. agents find a way to thwart the evil plans of Dr. Zerick Moonshae and recover Astrid’s Jewel? Join Alabaster and his team of super agents in this exciting next installment of the Dangermond Series.

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Young Scholars: Through the Lens (Young Scholars Series Book 1)

by C.R. Sparks

What do you want to do with your life? Every young person faces this question of purpose. With two years of study and a summer research project under her belt, Isabel is headed in the direction of scientific studies when her brother, Michael, and his best friend, Henry, arrive. Together, they tackle the lower level of Franklin Hall under the supervision of Isabel’s professor to convert a long-term storage area into an undergraduate research space before the start of the semester. Cleaning out a basement full of boxes turns into an adventure when a hidden map room is revealed and opened for the first time in over 50 years. Incredible potential is unlocked when the three young people are unexpectedly pulled into the map they are viewing through a magnifying lens. Having traveled by light through time and space, they find themselves cast on the shores of St. Andrews in 1691 with nothing but a blank journal and the clothes on their backs. But the journey only starts there when they meet Professor Young and embark on a quest into the Western Highlands of Scotland in a time where turmoil and fear cloud the future. Will they ever make it back to the present or does the past hold them captive forever? As they travel the rocky paths and face their fears, these Young Scholars discover that their purposes are far greater than they ever imagined.

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